Victor LeRoy (and Carolyn) Haenny

Cowboy Craftsman, Pilot, Rancher, Husband and Dad,

Wagon Maker,  Wagonmaster, Horseman, Man of Faith…


I have been retired for the last ten years. My hobby of building and restoring horse drawn vehicles has now become a business called Haenny's Wagon Works.

My wife, Carolyn. retired five years ago. She enjoyed being an elementary school teacher.

We have two married daughters. Sherilyn Sander works as the Dean of Students at Canyonview Christian Equestrian College in Silverton, OR. Michele Velazquez, is in the Education Department of Sephora Cosmetics in Long Beach, CA.

We encourage any classmates coming through Idaho to visit us at our ranch in Potlatch, ID. We serve Sourdough Pancakes every Saturday. I am putting together a horse drawn museum in our main barn. 

We have a place to hang your hat and a bed to put your boots under!

I still enjoy flying my Cessna 172, but it is falling to the wayside, since I am becoming more interested in driving our Fjord horses.

I am looking forward to our 50th High School Reunion.

Happy Trails! Victor LeRoy Haenny

Date: September 3, 2011 10:49:47 PM PDT

Here we are on a Cruise to Alaska on the Golden Princess in 2009.